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Mike Brown - Owner

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Don't Know How to Use WordPress?

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Video Lessons Include:

  1. The Dashboard
  2. Posts vs. Pages
  3. The Editor
  4. Creating a New Post
  5. Post Formats
  6. Editing an Existing Post
  7. Using Categories and Tags
  8. Creating and Edit Pages
  9. Adding Photos and Images
  10. How to Embed Video
  11. Using the Media Library
  12. Managing Comments
  13. Creating Links
  14. Changing the Theme
  15. Adding Widgets
  16. Custom Menus
  17. Installing Plugins
  18. Adding New Users
  19. Useful Tools
  20. Settings & Configuration


Other Lessons Include The 25 Point Pre-Publish Checklist, The Niche Profit Algorithm, and The Blog Monetization Matrix 

  • Enable Free Viral Traffic for your best blog posts.
  • Max Your Revenue Potential For each and every blog post
  • Get Free Organic Traffic by Optimizing your post for SEO
  • Discover what makes a niche worth pursuing
  • Includes the 5 Lists For Profits and walk-through
  • Includes the 2-step Audience "Drill Down"
  • Learn the "secret" to developing a profitable blog
  • Determine market fit for blog monetization
  • Learn about "Lead Magnets" and how to use them


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 Rick Voghel 


This little course really packs a punch. Mike provides real value and the PDF downloads are a great resource that I find myself using over and over again. I actually learned how to use WordPress to build my blog with the WordPress 101 video series. The course took me from finding a perfect niche market for my blog to successfully publishing my first blog post in just a few short days. Thanks again Mike!

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