Because I’ve been getting tons of comments and emails about blogging, I created an entire page dedicated to answering any questions you might have.

So, if you’ve got a question about how to start a blog, setup a blog or anything else related to blogging, let me know below!

Just a few things before you do:

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  • Read through the FAQ first to make sure I have not answered the question already.
Mike FAQ

WordPress is a good choice for building your website or blog

  • Completely FREE – Meaning it’s an Open Source Project and developers can modify the code (unlike Microsoft Windows for example) so it’s constantly evolving and improving.
  • Flexible & Extensible – Thousands of plugins and themes available. Easily change the look of your website. Add new features in just a few clicks.
  • SEO Friendly – Fully compliant with W3C standards. Built in support for RSS and Ping-O -Matic. Clean, search-engine friendly code.
  • WordPress Web Hosting – You can choose to host your WordPress site on the web hosting company of your choice and take your website with you if you decide to leave.
  • User-Friendly – No need for expensive “Webmasters.” Easily manage and update your own content. No need to learn complicated HTML.
  • Support Options – Online video tutorials on this site. Easy to find help from WordPress experts. Get answers to your questions online…
  • You Own Your Content – Why be limited by a proprietary solution? Don’t have your website locked down on another service. You can import and export your website.

Questions About WordPress Web Hosting

How can I start a cheap self-hosted blog or setup a blog that’s free?

Can I switch from a free blog to a self-hosted blog anytime I want?

Will my hosting provider allow me to have multiple domains on my plan?

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How to Create a Blog That Makes Money

How can I make money from my blog?

Are there other ways to make money from blogging besides Google AdSense?

How do I view how many visitors I’m getting to my blog?

How To Grow Your Blog Traffic

How can quality content grow my audience?

How can I get more social media followers?

How do I get more visitors to my blog?

How can I get more blog subscribers?

How can I get the search engines to index my blog?

How does building backlinks help with SEO?

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How to Make a Blog and Customize It in WordPress

How do I change the font size of my blog posts in WordPress?

How can I get rid of comment spam?

What free blogs give you the ability to use a custom page design?

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How to Write a Blog: Publishing and Content Creation

How should I research blog topics and get information for my specific niche?

How many blog posts do you recommend I write each month?

Should I stick to one blog topic, or can I create a blog about more than one subject?

How can I get featured on an established blog and vice versa?

How do I attract guest writers to my blog?

How can I get more blog suggestions from my readers?

Is it important to use pictures and videos throughout my blog?

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How to Setup a Blog: Technical Inquiries

How do I customize my blog so that anyone can comment on posts?

Do I have to know any programming languages in order to start a blog?

What are search engine crawlers?

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Have a question about how to start a blog or how to write a blog post? Just Ask and I’ll respond to your question with 24 hrs.

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