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WordPress is without a doubt the best blogging software available and I want the world to know about all the wonderful things that can be done with this amazing Content Management System (CMS). There are so many things that you can do with WordPress, learning how to start a blog is just the beginning, but most people don’t know about it. That is why I try to share as many tricks and tutorials as possible to show people the diverse capabilities of this fascinating blogging software.

Because it’s important to me to be as honest with you as possible, I’d like to address a few things about and how I make money to be able to offer you for Free the WordPress Tutorials and TheBloggingBuddha WordPress Academy.

Disclosure: I use affiliate links on this site, which I earn small commissions from in return for sending new customers to companies I trust and personally use.

  • I never suggest products or services that I haven’t used and don’t believe in 100%. I recommend the hosting company for your blog hosting because it’s beginner-friendly and features one-click installations for WordPress, free email hosting, and other great services. You’re not required to choose the hosting company I recommend as your hosting company, but it’s usually the cheapest and easiest option for new bloggers.
  • Because I was able to make a deal with hosting company, you’re able to get a free domain and cheaper hosting, meaning our partnership is also beneficial to you. When you sign up using my link, I also receive a small commission.
  • Although I don’t always mention every affiliate link I use, if you see the words “ref”, “go” or “referral” in a URL, it’s usually safe to assume that it’s an affiliate link and I will receive a commission if you choose to sign up through my link.

Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions I get in regards to and affiliate relationships:

How can I make money with my own blog?

Making money with your blog for most people is not typically the ultimate goal, but if making money with your blog is something you are interested in, read my blog post about Affiliate Marketing and how to make money with your blog.

Many bloggers do not really care about monetizing their blog, they typically just want to blog and write about what experiences they have, share their knowledge and talk about their hobbies – and this is completely fine.

How much do you earn with your blog?

I am not going to get into the exact numbers, but I make enough to pay for the hosting expenses and time spent on answering blogging related questions and emails. I also use the money I make from this blog to create the video tutorials, slide shares and “how to” articles found in The Blog Creators & Marketing Academy: Free 6-day Mini Course.

Is it common for people to monetize their blogs?

Yes, lots of people monetize their blogs to pay for the costs of running it. Monetizing your site is typically done by what is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing one of the many ways you can earn money online, content marketing, digital media marketing and creating an e-commerce store are a few other ways. Once you’ve launched your blog, you can try that too.

Are there any strings attached or some type of catch I should know about?

No absolutely not. You do not have to pay more money or be worried about anything. I have my site secured and encrypted with a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate from Norton Symantec and it is also protected by McAfee. In fact you actually benefit greatly from my relationship with the different companies I work with. For instance, you get a free domain along with a huge discount on the hosting for your WordPress blog.

Why I Use Affiliate Links

Although I do make small commissions from using affiliate links, I don’t promote products because I’m interested in making money off you. I mainly use them as a way to keep going. Affiliate links help me keep the site updated with all the latest blogging tutorials and strategies for how to make your blog successful, which helps you in return.

Even if you’re not a new blogger, you’ll still find tons of tips and tricks for all different skill levels on the site. I value your support and will always do my best to provide you with accurate information that’s packed with value and genuinely helps you learn something.

Maintaining is a challenge, but it’s incredibly rewarding. I encourage new bloggers to contact me for free help and receive dozens of emails a day. I always try to take these questions and help other people learn from them as well, which is why I’ve also created an FAQ section.

On top of all the time I spend replying to email questions and creating new content for the site each day, I run the Academy in addition to the main site, which is also very time-consuming.

With this information, I hope it’s easier for you to see that regardless of whether or not I make affiliate commissions, I’m completely committed to and helping you become a successful blogger. Blogging is my job and I love what I do. If you ever need any help for any reason, I’m always available by email. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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This page is sponsored by Norton Symantec– Yes if you decide to use Norton, to protect your computer and website not only are they going to keep your computer and website safe and secure, but they will pay me a small commission as well : )


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