March 10


Use Online Quizzes To Boost User Engagement

By Mike Brown

March 10, 2019

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Nowadays, we’re easily distracted by constant stimuli, especially if it’s on the internet where there’s 24/7 news, unlimited video and music streaming, as well as inboxes that light up every minute with new messages and emails.

This means whenever a new visitor lands on your website, it’s likely that what you’re offering is NOT their only focus as that person has probably opened five or more tabs in just one browser.

So, how exactly can you keep someone engaged long enough on a website to understand a product or service, develop trust and then make a transaction?

In this article, we’ll share with you the reasons why quizzes are great tools for user engagement as well as more crucial information like how to create one to keep your site’s bounce rate under control. 

User Engagement Statistics

Before we dive right into making quizzes and how to use one on a WordPress website, let’s first take a look at some of the stats on user engagement. 

As mentioned earlier, we’re an easily distracted generation. We always try to multitask rather than focus on a single thing. Let's be honest, there’s so much information to absorb that it feels ridiculous to waste a single minute doing something else.

We don’t even eat dinner without watching TV or using our phone! If you’re like most of us, then chances are, you’re a part of more than 80% of adults that use several different devices at the same time.  

In an age where engaging with users and customers is getting a lot more difficult, is there a way for it to be done successfully, if not effectively? Luckily, there’s a solid case for the use of visual content!

  • In a HubSpot survey, more than 40% of consumers desired more video content.

  • Research conducted by Buffer showed that tweets have a 150% chance of being retweeted if they include images.

  • Cisco projected that Internet traffic from clips and videos are going to amount to 80% of all traffic by the year 2020.

  • Barberstock explained that the use of visual content increased by more than 100% from 2015.

  • HubSpot also noted that posts on Facebook that include images see two times more engagement compared to posts that do not have pics. 

  • Researchers from Buffer also say visuals are being processed 600,000 times quicker compared to texts.

With that being said, simply publishing pages and articles without visuals would not be very effective. The stats above show that visual content is key to driving user engagement.  

Creating Engaging Quizzes in WordPress  

With these stats in mind, the following are worth considering when creating quizzes that are aimed at engaging your site's visitors:

  • Add as many videos, images, colors as well as other visual elements.

  • Use language that’s clear, concise, and clever.

  • Keep questions to the point or short and simple.

  • Questions should NOT be sterile but fun to read instead.

  • Easy questions should be asked. If possible, ask the most entertaining first.

Also, make sure that you pick the right quiz platform that is appropriate for your site's needs. We'll tackle more on this specific topic later.

All these tips are well and good; however, do you know which type of quiz you should create? The best one for your site will depend on your branding and needs.

Here are some samples that will help get you started and they range from fun posts to practical surveys, all of which are more engaging compared to simple forms of text:

Quiz Posts

Publishing WordPress posts is an effective way to increase traffic to your site with relevant content. Many site owners are joining the cause already. With a quiz post, the focus of the post becomes your fun, engaging quiz instead of lengthy text. The plain text is only added to give a concise explanation or encourage users to take the quiz.

You can also use the fun quiz to reduce the chances of potential clients leaving your website without contacting you, especially since they can interact with you through your fun quiz instead of a boring form!

Satisfaction Surveys

Customer service is a very important aspect regardless of the type of business that you’re running. By sending a satisfaction survey after you’ve helped a customer, you’re using one of the best ways to gauge how well you’re doing.

More often than not, a satisfaction survey done through a quiz is unappealing to users as it’s often boring. Some people couldn’t be bothered as well to complete the survey. According to HelpScout, for every user that complains, there are 26 others that don’t say anything.

This is why it’s important that you only ask questions that are to the point, and quick and simple to answer. This will give you the guarantee that more customers answer the satisfaction survey.

By creating a satisfaction survey that only has a few questions with a brief introduction, it’s more likely for users to answer or take part in it.

The best example is asking how happy a customer is. For the heading, the standard would be “Welcome!” The possible answers to the questions can be in the form of Emojis or pictures. After a user clicks an emoji as an answer, you can then put 1 to 3 sentences that will explain the things that you need from your visitor.  

Using the standard introduction, which is “Please take a second to answer these questions,” can be a little off-putting. Instead, use the tip we’ve given you and make sure you add as many visual elements as you can.

Market Research

It’s common for a business to create forms for users which need to be filled out to collect market research data. The problem is it can be quite challenging to convince users to participate. Well, not if you create stylish and engaging quizzes while giving users an incentive!

Customers are likely to participate if they receive something in return for a few minutes of their time. Giving incentives will also increase your brand’s chances of being considered by potential customers. Incentives can be in the form of gifts or discounts.

The Best Tool to Create Quizzes

There are many tools that can be used in WordPress websites to create advanced quizzes that promise a better response rate, an increase in traffic, improvement in overall user engagement as well as lead generation. Nevertheless, there’s one that stands out, and that’s Formidable Forms!

Formidable Forms WordPress

The reason why we think it’s the best choice out of all forms and quiz builder plugins is because of its many features. In addition, it’s a form builder for WordPress that allows you to build advanced quizzes easily, eliminating the need to hire an expert developer, which costs thousands of dollars.

From simple contact forms to complex quizzes, you’ll be able to build all types of forms using Formidable Forms.

The plugin’s lite version is free to download. Just look for it in the repository. However, the lite version will only let you create basic contact forms. If what you’re looking for is a tool that allows you to make as many advanced forms as possible, then opt for the pro version.

Creating Basic Forms

Like most modern quiz builder plugins, Formidable allows you to “drag and drop.” All the fields of Formidable’s interface are neatly organized which you can find in the panel on the right side.

What’s great about the WordPress plugin is that it lets you understand how to use it as you go, as they have placed clear instructions as well as arrows within the actual builder. 

To have a form field, simply click any field in Formidable’s right-hand panel. You can change its layout by clicking the Layout tab. You can then choose from the various different layouts for different forms.

Upon creating your first form, you will be directed to General Settings where you will be able to select a custom message. It’s also where you get the button options, styling options, etc. 

If you're ready to start using Formidable Forms, then install the builder plugin and activate it. Once you're done with the step, go to your WordPress admin and then find 'Formidable.' Click the button for installation, and you'll have the quiz maker plugin at your disposal.

To make a quiz, you first need to create a form just like how you would with any other Formidable form. Identify the fields that you need, and drag and drop them. For multiple choice quizzes, include radio fields or dropdowns for the quiz form.

Add the field, 'Quiz Score' into your form, which is listed at the sidebar's bottom part. Then, save the form. If you would like the taker of the quiz to see the score right after submission, insert a Quiz Score's shortcode in the success message of the form.

We're almost done. You have to click on 'Entries' at the top navigation and then click the button, 'Add New.' After that, add entries to your quiz with the correct answers. That's it - your quiz is ready!  

Building Advanced Forms

Whether you want to build basic forms or create complex online quizzes, Formidable Forms will help you accomplish your task without asking you to learn how to code. Its interface is user-friendly for beginners and even for advanced users.

Let’s take a look at the more advanced features of Formidable Pro.

Different Layouts

Formidable Forms comes with several different layout options which all look great. Of course, they fit perfectly with any WordPress theme. As mentioned earlier, the Layout tab is just in the builder’s right-hand panel next to the tab, Fields.

Advanced Fields and Advanced Features

Formidable Pro has tons of advanced fields like Rich Text, File Upload, Credit Card, Password, and so much more.

As for its unique features, they include the following:

  • Multi-Page Form - Lets you build multi-page forms that have progress bars to reduce form abandonment.

  • Calculation - Allows you to perform more advanced numeric calculations, which can come in handy for an e-commerce store.

  • Display Data on Front End - The forms builder, as of now, is the only builder plugin that’ll display data from forms on the front end.

  • Graph and Chart - Formidable Forms lets you communicate complex data trends using graphs and charts.

Pricing and Support of Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is the best option for users who are looking to build advanced forms and quizzes easily and effectively. The plugin has the essential features that you would expect from an incredibly advanced form builder. We highly recommend this plug-in if you need to display data from forms on the front end, create a user submitted form, perform powerful calculations, boost website traffic, and much more.

Formidable Forms, as mentioned earlier, has a free version that lets you create basic quizzes on your site. If you want the pro version, you will have different options for the plan or package which are as follows:

  • Personal – This plan is a 1-year license to use the pro version plus an entire year of standard customer support for only $49.

  • Enterprise – Here, you will get unlimited site licenses, advanced add-ons, elite support for only $399.

  • Business – With this, you will get priority support as well as powerful add-ons, which include Zapier, AWeber, user registration, and PayPal Standard for only $199.

  • Creator – This package allows you to use Formidable Forms Pro for up to three sites. You will also get add-ons like MailChimp integration, Bootstrap add-ons, MailPoet integration, location add-ons, and user tracking for only $99.

Last Thoughts

Quizzes are highly engaging, and they're also fun to take! Due to their very interactive nature, your site's visitors will find them much more rewarding compared to other types of posts. As you now know everything about making a quiz using Formidable Forms, you can try to make a viral quiz right now! Who knows, maybe your site will be the next BuzzFeed!

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