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Are You Blogging for Fun or to Make Money?

If you’re answer is to make money then keep reading

Here’s How to Make Your Blog Profitable

The truth is most bloggers never see a single penny from their efforts. That even applies to bloggers who actively try to make money from their blogs.

However, you shouldn’t assume the same thing will happen to you.

Once you understand a little about why these bloggers can’t turn a profit, you can start to see how you can do things differently.

Why Aren’t Bloggers Making any Money from Their Blogs?

Many common, oft spoken pitfalls can cause a blogger to not make any money.

  • A lack of content, engaging or otherwise
  • A lack of tastefully placed ads
  • A lack of a good relationship with Google

Now, while these things can help a blogger earn money, they’re not the reason bloggers aren’t earning money.

The real reason bloggers aren’t making any money is they’re not looking at the business aspect of running a blog.

Do you consider blogging a business?

Do you have a system or model in place to maximize the effectiveness of your blogging business?

If you don’t, then you’re either wasting time, or leaning on hope, which is no way to earn any money.

There’s a better way!

Are you Ready? Great. Let’s Get Started!

Step #1

Skip the Blog for Now... First, 
Download The Niche Profit Algorithm

Before you even start the process of setting up a blog, you need to form a plan.

Remember, you’re starting a business. All businesses start with a plan. You must do things in the proper order if you want to see good results.

Find a niche!

Your blog will need to have a focus. Finding a niche represents that focus. Keep in mind your niche isn’t just some topic you will write about.

Your niche will represent your product. It’s what you’re marketing as a part of your blogging business.

Looking at your niche from a business standpoint will allow you to evaluate it and make sure it’s a viable niche to actually spend your time and efforts on. 

You will turn that niche into a business concept you can then flesh out.

First, you will have to ascertain if it’s possible to do that.

Discover if your idea can be turned into a profitable business and ​Download the Niche Profit Algorithm for free.

Remember, you’re not going to start the process of blogging until you know you have a full business concept to move on.

To that end, you should download the Niche Profits Algorithm, instantly. It will open in a new window.

I recommend saving the PDF to your desktop and you can even print it.

 This is a proven formula used by all of the top bloggers.

Find a Profitable Niche in 10 Minutes


Includes tested methods on finding a starving audience with burning problems for maximum profit, 5-step niching down method, secret-google money test to verify if your niche will absolutely make money.

Good, now let's take care of the basics

Step #2

Preparing the Basics Before You Begin

Hold on a little while longer, you’re almost there.

Now it’s time for some live testing.

You will need to gather the basic blogging tools to familiarize yourself with them, and give your niche a test run.

What you will need...

Don’t become blindsided by all the blogging tools, plugins, and other tools you see advertised online.

To start, you’ll only need three key things.

  1. A webhost where your blog will live
  2. A theme for your blogging platform that looks professional rather than flashy (learn more on this later).
  3. A host for your email mailing list

That’s all you need to get started.

With years of blogging experience, here are the tools I personally recommend to start a successful and most importantly, profitable blog. At the very least go ahead and get your blog platform installed and take a look at MailChimp so you can get more familiar with your email marketing platform.

Gather The Essentials

InMotion Hosting is a top notch WordPress hosting company. They offer all the WordPress blogging essentials, WordPress pre-installed, stellar customer support and service for your WordPress website and are extremely reliable. I recommend starting your blog with InMotion Hosting.

I absolutely love MailChimp and this is the email marketing service I used when I first started. MailChimp has a beautifully simple interface that anyone can use and is great for beginners and professionals alike. MailChimp integrates seamlessly with WordPress and works perfectly to create beautiful customized emails. Best of all it’s FREE for beginners!

Of course, you may not immediately know what to do with these tools, but don’t worry about that just yet.

Tomorrow's Lesson (is an actual full blown course) - WordPress 101: Blog Orientation Course 

My 20-Part video series where you learn step-by-step how to use your blog platform (WordPress). See you tomorrow!

6-Day Blog Profit Mini-Course