Blogging Resources and Tools: Helpful Pages For New Bloggers

Beginner Blogger Resources and Tools: Helpful Articles For New Bloggers

If your a beginner and want to learn more about blogging I put together some helpful resources all in one place. You can click the boxes below to jump to that section.

To learn how to create a new blog the right way head over to our step-by-step guide where you'll learn how to get started and have your site up and running in about 20 minutes.

I've compiled some excellent content for people who are new to blogging. Below you'll find an excellent resources for beginner bloggers.

Getting Started – The Basics

​​​1. How to start a blog – Step-by-step tutorial that covers the fundamental things you need to know in order to set up a blog.

2. InMotion Hosting  – This is my preferred blog hosting  provider for new blogs. Great support, good performance, and priced right!

3. What is a blog – If you are unsure of what a blog is want to know more about the history of blogging and where it came from this post is for you.

4. How to build a website – For those of you who are wondering if there is a difference between a blog and website you can find out which one is right for you.

5. Blog comparison chart – This is a detailed chart comparing some of the top blogging and website building platforms. Self-hosted WordPress it was I recommend but there are alternatives.

6. Wix vs. WordPress which is best for your needs – The pros and cons of the website builder platform called Wix and the self-hosted blogging platform WordPress. 

7. Setting up a blog for FREE with – If you are not sure if blogging is right for you or you just want to get you feet wet without coming out of pocked this post is for you.

8. Who Should Start a blog – Thinking of starting but not sure it's right for you? This should clear things up.

9. Beginner blogger mistakes that sabotage your efforts - Avoid these common blogging mistakes and you'll be off to a good start.

10. WordPress vs. Blogger: What's the difference? - Ever heard of Blogger and want to know what makes it different from WordPress? The answer is "a LOT"!

11. 3 ways to overcome your fear of blogging - Essentially psychological judo.

Blogging Related Resources

1. 100+ blog post ideas for your blog – Don't worry about coming up with blog posts this article has you covered.

2. Things to know before getting started – To get off on the wrong foot. Read this short article for some smart tips.

3. Fine tuning your blog for better reader engagement – Learn how to construct your blog for better conversions and reader engagement. If you want people to stay on your blog then read this post.

4. Learn how to choose the best domain name – If you are just getting started and need some help selecting a domain name try reading this post.

5. Thrive Themes review a conversion focused suite of tools – From what I've found the best suite of conversion focused tools for WordPress. I use all of their plugins and have a full membership.

6. Some of the top blogs in the world – A short list of the top tech related blogs on the internet

7. How to create an amazing About Me page – The about me page is an important part of any website. Learn how to create a page unique page that suites your website and persona.

8.  Why you don't need to know HTML to create a website - The days of needing to know HTML are over...alteast for most of us. With this article you can learn why HTML has gone the way of the dinosaur.

Everything WordPress Related

1. The best WordPress tutorial for beginners – The internet is a big place and there is a lot of great material out there. This is a list we compiled to help ensure your success.

2. Some common mistakes beginners make with WordPress – We all make errors when we first start blogging but if you following this guide you will make less than most.

3. Learn how Automatic (the company behind WordPress) makes money – This is a really interesting dig for those who are wondering how a company who provides a free platform can make so much money.

4. 37 top bloggers discuss mistakes they made in the beginning – A huge roundup of pro bloggers discuss some of the errors they made with they first started. Definitely worth a review.

5. The ultimate content planning plugin for WordPress – If you plan on doing a log of publishing or building a large news site. This is a must read. This is best suited for small to medium sized business not really for the solo blogger.

6. Best SEO plugins for WordPress– Don't know what SEO is? Search Engine Optimization and it's absolutely necessary if you expect people to find your blog online. This plugin will get you started on the right path with onsite SEO.

7. BoldGrid website builder for WordPress – There are several really good frontend website builder now. This post reviews one of them.

8. How to install plugins – Installing WordPress plugins is extremely simple but when you first start you'll need to direction.

9. Best social media automation tools – Automation for your website is a must in this day and age. Trust me you don't want to do everything manually especially Social Media.

10. Top contact form plugins reviewed– There are a few really good Contact Form plugins that I recommend.

11. Top WordPress maintenance and support service – Every now and then you may need to development work done on your site. I've tried a few of the support and maintenance services and found one I really liked. Plus they are really affordable.

12. Siteground vs. WPengine – I little web hosting review on two of the top web hosting providers. I have several hosting reviews that cover in detail the specifics of the different web providers.

Promotion, Traffic, and Monetization Strategies

1. How to earn money from blogging – Blogging is fun but can also be very profitable. I've laid out in detail several of the top methods used by pro bloggers to make a living with their blog.

2. 5 way to promote your blog – Promotion of your website is necessary if you want people to actually see it. Some people find it difficult with they publish their blog and nobody comes. Don't be that person.

3. Secrets to getting your blog indexed on Google – Several quick and easy way to make sure that Google indexes your website. 

4. Top tips for monetizing your blog – A few quick tips on how you can earn money with your new site.

5. Learn how to generate leads with your website - Lead generation is a must in blogging. There are multiple excellent tools and plugins to help you capture leads.

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