Web Hosting Overview

Are you looking to create a website? Do you want to upload content and services online for your business? Before you can do that, you will need to find a web host provider. All websites posted on the internet are done so through a web host provider.

What is Web Hosting?

For all websites and content posted on the internet, there has to be a specific location in which this information is stored and initially uploaded to be posted. All content has a physical location in which it is stored on a server. This location houses the words, links, images, and anything else that you have published to your website. The housing of web content is known as web hosting. Web hosting is an online service provided by web hosters that allow businesses or individuals to upload content on a website.

What is Your Domain Name?

Before you can post to a web host provider, you will need to purchase your domain name either on your own or with the assistance of the provider you signing with. Your domain name is your website name, unique to your content. Once you purchase a domain and post to a web host provider, your website and content are then stored physically on a server. Anytime someone searches for your domain, they will be connected with the server storing your domain and be given access.

Types of Web Hosting

A quick SEO search will cultivate a variety of web host providers available. There are several types of web hosting providers available. These types include collocated hosting, dedicated hosting, website builders, and shared hosting. For those new to website development, a website builder option is the most common and most convenient. The other types of hosting are utilized by much larger websites and organizations, and server maintenance is more of a priority depending on the type.

Features of Web Hosting

24/7 Operation

As a website owner, you cannot consistently be online managing your website. That is okay, though, because a web host can do that for you. A web host is always working for you in regards to properly maintaining your website and ensuring that it is properly functioning. If you have a business located predominantly online, consistent management of your management ensures proper sales purchases and customer retention. Inoperable websites can cost sales and customers. This feature is invaluable for business websites who depend heavily or solely on internet sales and purchases.

Disk Space

When you purchase a plan with a web hosting provider, consider the disk space options. Depending on the amount of content you will need to post, consider the disk space available. Disk space is measured in bandwidths on the servers. If your business content will include a variety of images, videos, and other large space accumulating content, consider a larger disk space option. Most web host providers have ample disk space available on their servers allowing you the ability to design and build your website to your preference and business needs.

Custom Email Accounts

One of the most common features associated with web hosting is email accounts. When you develop a website, most web host providers allow one or more email accounts associated with your domain and website. These emails are secure with your web host and designed specifically for your content. You can even have these emails directed to a personal email account if you choose. Like your website content, you have ample storage space to store those emails for future uses.

Choosing Your Web Host Provider

As the digital age continues upon society and the internet becomes the largest business market, most business owners are looking to upload their business to the internet. Even those who are not business owners, but desire to upload their content to a larger audience are searching for that digital audience. No matter what your purposes may be, a web host provider is a necessity. Consider the purpose and features of each provider when making your selection.

Web Hosting Recommendations by Country

We get a lot of questions from the people we work with in regards to web hosting. Questions like "How much does web hosting cost per year?" or "How do I choose a web hosting provider?" or "Does price make a difference with web hosting providers?" or "What is the best web hosting provider for my country?". To better address these type of questions we decided to do create reviews based on our experience with various web hosting companies.

Best Canadian Web Hosting

With Canada and the US being the two major North American hubs for web hosting there is fierce competition abound… Are local Canadian hosting providers just as good as their neighbor to the south?

Best Australian Web Hosting

There is no shortage of web hosting companies in Australia, but if we compare them to other global brands that have servers in nearby countries we find a much better selection of web hosts for Australians to choose from.

Best UK Web Hosting

The United Kingdom is not necessarily known for web hosting but there are several major brands who service the UK and who even have their data centers located in London.

Best Web Hosting New Zealand

New Zealand and web hosting are not typically associated with one another but there are a few decent local web hosts in NZ. Singapore is a hub for the tech industry and a major peering point for the global internet backbone and Australia is right next door so if you are looking for website hosting for New Zealand have no worries there are plenty to choose from.

Best Web Hosting India

The population of India is now over 1 billion which means there is a market for just about everything in India and that includes the Indian web hosting industry. Most of the major EIG brand hosts cater to the India web hosting market and you can find several companies with excellent service for this demographic.

Best Web Hosting Ireland

With Ireland being so close to the UK and Europe the Irish won't have an issue finding an excellent web hosting company to suite their needs. There are a few local web hosts in Ireland but most of the larger brands are going to be found in the United States and United Kingdom.